Mom gives birth to daughter after 40 hours struggling – the doctor looks between her legs and froze


Just like most other couples, this couple, husband and his wife Nicole Ziesemer really wished and prayed for the strength to have their pregnancy as natural as possible.

WHat they actually wanted was as few medical interventions as they could, none at all, if at all possible, so they hired a midwife and hoped that their sweet baby would be welcomed to the world in their home, not even having an ultrasound., wow!

But we are sad to say that in reality, things did not quite go to plan…

Facebook / Nicole Ziesemer

Matthew’s and Nicole’s little baby was expected to be born on January 30, as fate would go through, Nicole had no choice but to dash to the hospital a full four and a half weeks earlier!

The couple was amazed when her waters broke so early in December, on the 29th to be precise…

Matthew and his wife were left with nothing else to do but to pack their bags, in a rush, and get to the hospital, their timing could not have been any worse because before they left Matthew had to clear the driveway of snow from a snowstorm…


The snowstorm combined with the awful road conditions slowed things down but they were still able to get to the hospital that night and Nicole’s contractions carried on through Saturday…

Now all this had happened she pretty much abandoned her thoughts to a natural birth.

Though Nicole was still adamant about one thing, that she held onto steadfast, that she would not take any medicine or drugs or even anesthesia to help her during the birth.

But eventually, this plan too fell by the wayside, and after 30 hours, her husband knew in his heart he had to take action…

Facebook / Nicole Ziesemer

He wasn’t about to see his wife unduly suffer, she had given her all at that point…

The two of them made an agreement, Nicole would take medication to help induce the delivery, she really had to at this point, then Nicole’s labor started to go more smoothly.

A full 48 hours after her waters had broken she was welcoming an adorable little girl into this brave world…

Then the doctor delivered the placenta too…

Then the doctor kind of froze, his eyes were like marbles, the couple we stunned by what he said next.

Facebook / Nicole Ziesemer

Doctor Megan made an announcement, she could feel a head, Nicole was only delivering twins!

It was truly a day that no one could forget at the hospital staff included!

She gave birth to a son too, named Cade, entering this world just 1 hour after his elder sister did.

Facebook / Nicole Ziesemer

Nicole needed some to recover after the birth, it really was a stressful and long birthing.

Cade had suffered from having fluid on his lungs because of complications during his birth, Blakeley was healthy and well after being born.

Facebook / Nicole Ziesemer

The proud parents said that Cade is doing really well and doesn’t need any more assistance breathing. He’s expected to leave hospital any time.

Facebook / Nicole Ziesemer

Nicole remembers:

“My first thought after delivering the second baby — ‘Oh crap! We need a second crib, a second car seat, a second everything’”

However, the reasoning for this big change of plans at the last minute is as good as it could really be, not all parents get a surprise like this, another baby, wow!

Facebook / Nicole Ziesemer

You can see the video below of the whole family as they realized that they were having twins!

What a magical surprise for all of them indeed, and they were able to share the magic with the whole family too!

We really hope that the family will prosper and gave great health and all move in a positive direction each and every day.

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