Mom, 37, eager to welcome baby number 12 as her eldest child turns 12 years old

Can you imagine what life must be like with 12 children under one roof?


Can you imagine what life must be like with 12 children under one roof? I guess it’s fun as much as it is tiring, but for one mother named Courtney, having 12 kids is a dream come true.

Ever since this mother welcomed her first child some 12 years ago, she has never spent a day without a bump or a newborn. In fact, she is expected to give birth to her 12th child in March 2022, about the same time her eldest child is turning 12 years old.

37-year-old Courtney and her husband Chris Rogers, 32, who is a church pastor, have been together for 13 years and live in a three bedroom home in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. Of course, with the arrival of their latest addition, they plan to move to a bigger house.

Six of the Rogers’ children are boys, and five are girls, so the proud father hopes to have another girl, while Courtney would be equally happy with another boy.

Now if you think this supper mom has a lot on her plate with having to prepare a couple of meals a day for so many people, sit down before we tell you that she homeschools all of them.

After the arrival of her 11th child back in November 2020, Courtney shared with Daily Mail that she would be sad and disappointed when she stopped having more children.

“I love being a mother and I would really like to have another one. We’ll probably wait a year or two to try.”

All of the children have names starting with the letter C, and they are planning to continue the trend.

Courtney is happy to share with the world what life is like with so many kids. She often shares adorable photos of her family on her Instagram page @littlehouseinthehighdesert. So far, she has around 32K followers.

“Ever since I became a mother, it’s just become my life and I enjoy it and love every minute,” she said in an interview with the Daily Mail in January 2021.

“Even though I have so many kids, I’m the type who will be sad when I have my last one and want to cherish each moment.”

As of her future baby, she told The Sun, “We’re so excited as we had wanted 12. I’m very thankful that it’s happening, and the kids are still going to be close in age.”

What a beautiful family!