Miracle: Baby survives despite knot in his umbilical cord

The doctors believed they had delivered a healthy baby – but when they looked closer at the umbilical cord, it became dead silent in the room.


With the news about becoming parents comes a bunch of responsibilities even before the baby is born. The future mom and dad make sure they have everything ready for when the bundle of joy is welcomed into the world.

However, those nine months spent in expectation are at the same time the most exciting and the most nerve wracking period in the life of the parents-to-be. They can’t help but wonder whether everything is going to be fine with the baby while in the womb.

The thing is that whatever happens in the mom’s body during this period can affect the growth of the baby, so following doctor’s orders of what to eat, whether to exercise or not, and similar things, is of crucial importance in delivering a healthy baby.

However, we can never be 100% certain of what is going on with the baby until we have it in our hands, because if there is certain interruption in the fetus’ development, it can result in various problems or health issues.

Do we have the power to change this? Unfortunately, not always. So the only thing we should do during the pregnancy is mind our habits by keeping them healthy.

Sometimes, however, things can get a wrong turn. Unfortunately there are babies out there that are born with certain defects and diseases that can be a result of genetics or other factors such as a tied umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord is what connects the mother and the fetus. This cord helps the delivery of nutrients to the child. Many times doctors witness how the cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck, which is one of the reasons for a C-section deliveries. However, in the case of one newborn, the cord was tied in a knot and it left the doctors shocked.


Right after the delivery took place and the doctors congratulated the parents on their child, they noticed the unusual umbilical cord.

They said how it was a real miracle for the baby to be born perfectly healthy knowing there was a knot that could easily prevent for it to be properly fed while in the womb.


“Hurry up dad, take a picture your baby is a miracle,” the doctor said to the dad.

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We are glad this family’s story got a happy ending and we wish this little angel has the perfect life ahead of him.

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