Meaningful tattoos of parents dedicated to their children

This is so touching!


Tattoos represent a permanent reminder of something powerful that took place in person’s life. Their meaning can be deep and meaningful. On top of that, tattoos are special form of art, most times unique and very personal.

The following stories involving tattoos and the meaning behind them are heartwarming because they represent the bond between parents and their children. Beautiful indeed.

1. Steven and Gloria Kimmel had a son named Issac. The boy’s health was fragile from the beginning. Before even turning one, Issac got pneumonia and didn’t make it. His parents were left heartbroken. He lived shortly, but touched their lives forever. In memory of him, they tattooed angel wings on their backs.

When their daughter Claire was born, they posed for a beautiful photo, placing her between them and giving her the wings which honored the brother she never met.

“The tattoo was meant to be his angel wings. He was half of each of us, so we each had one of his wings to hold us. He was the angel that was holding us together when we were so lost without him. The tattoos are a reminder that he is always with us in spirit,” Steven said.

The two tattoos which fuse in one are a perfect reminder that Isaac is in heaven, among the angels.

2. Honey-Rae Phillips is a girl born with a huge red mark all over her leg. Knowing how judgmental people can be of those that are somehow different, her parents, Adam and Tonya, were aware there could be mean comments and stares. In order to assure their little girl they would be there for her every step of the way, they tattooed a replica of Honey-Rae birthmark on their legs. Cute beyond words.

Source: The Mirror

3. A man named Ian experienced the worst form of heartbreak. His wife and his six-year-old daughter Mya were killed in a car crash. Days before the accident, his little girl wrote a letter to him which read:

“To daddy, I love you more then enything. Lots of love, Mya…”

She included little hearts and kisses. After her passing, Ian tattooed his little angel’s letter on his hand, to remind him how much his daughter loved him and cared for him.

Source: The Northern Echo

4. A girl named Charlotte had a hard time communicating with her parents. Soon after, the family was told that she was deaf. As a result, she needed to wear a cochlear implant attached to her left ear. In order to show his support, her father shaved his head and tattooed an implant just like the one Charlotte needed to wear.

Source: Facebook/ Anita-Alistair Campbell

When she first saw it her daddy’s tattoo, Charlotte took a closer look, touched it, and said it looked “Cool.”

Source: Dean Purcell, NZ Herald

5. 8-year-old Gabriel Marshall of Kansas had a brain tumor. Luckily, it was operable and doctors were able to remove it, leaving sweet Gabriel with a scar on the head.

Just like most people in his position, he felt self-conscious and even thought the scar made him look ugly.

In order to make him feel a bit better about himself, Gabriel’s father, Josh, got a tattoo of his son’s scar so that Gabriel wouldn’t feel alone. “If people want to stare, then they can stare at both of us,” Josh said.

Source: Facebook/Josh J-Mash Marshall

All these parents went above and beyond for their children, and we honestly believe that’s what parenting is all about!

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