77-year-old janitor lady who never had a birthday party gets surprised by school staff

Dreams do come true when you are surrounded by people who care.


Frances Buzzard from West Virginia is everything but an ordinary janitor. Even though she is 77 years old, she is so vibrant and energetic that everyone at the elementary school where she works admires her lovely personality and her work ethic.

Feeling like she deserves her contribution for the Belle Elementary School to be awarded, the principal of the institution tried to dig into Frances’ past in order to learn more about what she really likes. But what she discovered was a sad secret Frances was keeping from everyone for so long.


The sad truth was that this amazing woman has never had a birthday party in her life.

The staff, along with the students, wanted this to change and they knew that throwing a birthday party was the least they could do. Miss Frances had no idea what the students were up to so when she heard her name being called over the loudspeakers, she thought there was something she had to take care of at the school cafeteria.

Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would have her first ever party at the age of 77. As she entered the place, her heart got filled with joy and excitement as more than 200 students greeted her by shouting “surprise” and singing “Happy Birthday.” Frances couldn’t believe all those people were there just for her.


It was her special day and all those cupcakes were just for her. It was her time to be in the center of the attention for all the right reasons, her big heart and kind personality. She was brought to the center of the room where there was a huge screen showing photos of Frances attending special historical events such as the moon landing and her standing next to Neil Armstrong or having fun at Woodstock, and the sight was hilarious to watch.


Frances’ parents were poor and they couldn’t afford to give her a proper birthday party. They didn’t even celebrate Christmas back then. She recalled:

“I don’t remember any. They didn’t do things like that. We didn’t have Christmas parties either. They would get us fruits and nuts when they could afford it.”

She also added that they actually tried to prepare a party for her once but nobody showed up because of the cold weather.

This was one of the most important days of her life. It’s a day she will never forget, because today was all about her. All those people were there to celebrate her life and to make sure she knows how loved and appreciated she is.


Watch the sweet video and see how great of a surprise that was!