Masked teen attempting to rob a 67-year-old man pays the ultimate price

He likely thought that he had found an easy target.


Tyler Williams, a young man of West Philadelphia, lost his life after an elderly man he tried to rob fought back.

Namely, when Tyler spotted the 67-year-old man, he approached him in an attempt to steal his money. In order to frighten the elderly man, Tyler pulled out a pallet gun and pointed it towards his victim. The man, however, was able to deflect the toy gun from his face and pulled out his .38 caliber handgun, killing young Tyler at the scene.

Afterwards, the man called the police, but they just pronounced Tyler dead.

The man had no idea that Tyler’s gun was a toy. He was scared for his life and killed the young man in self-defense which is why no charges were made against the elderly man.

Although pellet guns aren’t lethal towards humans, they can be if shot from a close range.

We are so very sorry for the loss of such a young man.

Tyler, who was 18 years old, had no prior criminal history.

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