Girl began placing strange objects on her father’s head – then suddenly…

She began placing strange objects on her fathers head. Then suddenly…


Love is the moving power that makes this world go round, and out of all forms of love, that between a father and a daughter is one of the purest and strongest.

The following situation depicts this love the best.

A dad was fishing together with his young daughter, but the girl wasn’t that interested in the fish. However, that didn’t prevent her from finding another form of fun, and that’s placing strange looking things on her dad’s head. Many said they believe what she put on his hair was a bunch of burdrock, a sticky plant that children delight in.

In a matter of minutes, the dad’s entire head was covered in burdrock burs.

It seems like he didn’t get mad at all as soon as it made his girl happy and laughing.

Father-daughter love truly is unmatched.

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