Man makes friends with a bear and now she brings her cubs for him to meet

I had the biggest smile on my face watching this video. This mama bear is so trusting.


Sharing this world with animals is one of the best things there are. While some are already domesticated and have become humans’ best friends over the years, like cats and dogs, others live in the wild and having any close contact with them could be extremely dangerous.

However, judging from this story and the incredibly cute video which comes along with it, wild animals can be our friends too.

Source: YouTube Screenshot / Patrick Conley

Namely, a bear named Simone is a frequent visitor at the porch of a man named Patrick Conley who lives in Asheville, North Carolina. The friendship between the two started back in 2017 when Simone first visited Patrick in his yard. Ever since, she would pay him a visit every now and then.

The last visit, however, was a bit different. This time, Simone brought her first litter of cubs with her because she wanted to introduce them with her human friend.

Source: YouTube Screenshot / Patrick Conley

Needless to say, Patrick couldn’t believe his eyes when he noticed the beautiful family of three approaching. The mama bear was proudly leading her babies to the porch. After a while, they turned around and left, leaving Patrick in awe by the incredible encounter.

Source: YouTube Screenshot / Patrick Conley

The great thing is that he caught everything on tape. In fact, on his YouTube channel, Patrick has plenty of breathtaking videos of bears, and that includes those of Simone’s mother, Maïté, and her siblings Maurice and Solange.

Source: YouTube Screenshot / Patrick Conley

You can check out the sweet moment in the video below. Enjoy! And yes, it’s okay to envy Patrick, I know I do.

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