Man keeps child from grabbing his phone on plane while mother complains – Wants to know if he’s wrong

"I just simply raised my hand so the child couldn’t reach, so I said in a louder tone, 'please control your child,'" the man wrote.


Traveling by plane can be exhausting. Starting from the crowd at the airport, the long queues at the security checkup, to all those people rushing and running around, it isn’t always a nice experience. So, once we are on the plane we hope we get some time to rest. But that’s not always possible, especially when there are young children and babies on the flight who wouldn’t stop screaming, running, and yelling.

A Reddit user that goes by the name Poem170 shares an unpleasant experience and asks fellow users if he acted in the right manner when he tried to teach a misbehaving child and his mom a lesson.

Namely, this person booked a seat by the window as he was looking forward to enjoy the sight. However, once a woman and her child sat next to him, she asked him if he could switch seats with her son. Not wanting to do that, Poem170 said ‘no.’ The mom got nervous because his response triggered her son to throw a tantrum. The boy started screaming and crying, but the man didn’t feel like it was his fault. He tried not to react and kept his head cool the entire time.

The first incident happened, when the mom asked if I would trade seats so her child could look out. I declined and said I would rather sit in the seat I paid for…the man wrote.

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Later on, as he got bored from watching a series, Poem170 took his phone out and started playing a game. “A few hours later, I was playing a game on my phone and the child was very focused on it, but then as everyone here probably know you get tired of mobile games, so I turned it off.”

As he put his phone away, the child got angry. The mother then turned to Poem170 and demanded he continue playing the game on his phone because her son found it entertaining. The man said ‘no’ once again and the same situation as before repeated itself. The boy wouldn’t calm down no matter what.

He didn’t really feel like it was his job to entertain someone else’s child, but the mother insisted he was selfish and called him an a**hole as her son was trying to grab the man’s phone.

I just simply raised my hand so the child couldn’t reach, so I said in a louder tone, “please control your child” which made the mom grab the boy and freak out at me and her screaming at me that I shouldn’t be such an asshole and only think about me.

He now asks fellow Reddit users to tell him if he was right or he was indeed selfish as that boy’s mother claimed.

Most of the people who reacted to his post said he did just the right thing and that he didn’t need to feel bad about the whole thing.

“I always find it so weird that people ask to switch window seats, like you can literally choose where you sit on a plane when you book your ticket. Or is it an additional fee and I’m not remembering correctly? Either way it’s weird af and idk how you get the balls to ask a stranger to trade you. I could never,” user –u/QuizzicalBumblebee said.

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