Man Builds High Fence to Prevent Dog From Escaping the Yard but Fails Miserably and Has Us All in Stitches

A dog always finds a way :)


All of us who have ever owned a dog know just how much they love running around, playing fetch, and even chasing cats. Their cute antics always put big smiles on our faces and make our days. But, they can also be demanding at times, just as this overly excited pup named Stella. 

Her owner struggles to keep her inside the yard as she always finds a way to sneak out. This time he came up with what he believed was the perfect solution; a very high fence. 

He presented the dog with the brand new fence that was likely to prevent her from escaping ever again as he was recording the video for his YouTube channel saying, “I literally had JUST built this fence to keep Stella in the yard and was admiring it…” But, as it turned out, Stella always finds a way to make her plan of leaving the yard works. 

As she got closer to inspect her owner’s ‘new way’ of keeping her in, she just ran to the corner and jumped over the fence. Her owner started chasing after her as he left everyone who watched his video burst out laughing. 

This is definitely a must see!