7-year-old girl left with severe burns after getting henna tattoo during vacation in Egypt

People should hear what these parents have to say and prevent their kids from experiencing the same


As parents, we only want the best for our children. Seeing them happy is what triggers our own happiness too. If they are in pain, that crushes our world, especially when we can’t do anything to prevent their suffering. 

For one dad from U.K, the pain his 7-year-old daughter experienced brought feelings of sadness and guilt because he was in some way ‘responsible’ for what had happened to the young girl.

During their family vacation in Egypt, the girl’s mom, 43-year-old Sylvia Gulliver experienced some health problems with her gaul bladder and had to be hospitalized for two days. During that time, both her kids behaved very well and as a reward their father decided to treat them with black henna tattoos. 

Unfortunately, this decision couldn’t be any worse, as it left the sweet daughter with severe blisters and burns on her hands. 

Madison’s brother, Sebastian, who is 9 years old got a tattoo too, but he washed his off as soon as he felt itching, while Madison kept hers until they arrived back home to the U.K. 

Soon after, the girl’s itching turned into a series of huge and painful blisters. The reason for this awful condition was the chemical used within the tattoo ink, paraphenylenediamine (PPD).

She was rushed at the medical unit for burns where the family was told how Madison could be left with scars for life. 

“She is potentially scarred for life after getting a black henna tattoo,” said Martins, as per the Daily Mail.

“The tattoo was done in the hotel’s salon and they claim it’s not the henna and that it’s my daughter’s skin. She has blisters from her finger to her elbow and is in so much pain. We were entirely unaware of the dangers and I think they should warn of this in the brochures.

“I think it’s partly my fault because I didn’t know about it, but also the fault of the salon because they are using dangerous chemicals on children. We would have thought that the travel agents would have had concerns about this.

“We want to get the message out to other people.”

It’s heartbreaking to see such young lady with so severe burns on her hands only because her father agreed for her to get the tattoo. These tattoos, however, are very famous and many tourists get them so he didn’t think they could be so dangerous. 

They are now spreading the word of their daughter’s story and hope others would think twice before getting one themselves, or putting one on their kids’ body.