Firefighters follow retired police dog to toddlers trapped in burning house

Once a hero, always a hero!


That dogs are the best pets one can ask for is something that most of us know already. But after reading this story of the German Shepherd who helped save his family, you’ll fall in love with these loyal and loving animals even more. 

Military veteran Brent Feaser from Longwood, Florida and his next door neighbor though it was the perfect day for hanging around. Nothing spoke tragedy on that peaceful day.

Unfortunately, as the two were watching Jupiter through their telescope, they heard an explosion. In the next moment, they could see part of Brent’s house blowing up.

Unfortunately, his wife Margo and their two children aged two and four were still inside the burning place. After taking a second or two to understand what was really going on, Brent and his neighbor rushed towards the house as quickly as they could. 

The two men tried smashing the windows with the furniture that was on the porch hoping they would be able to pull Margo and the kids to safety.

They managed to get Margo out, but both her and Brent were thinking of getting inside again so that they could save their little ones.

At that moment, the firefighters arrived at the scene and got inside the burning place. The smoke made it difficult for them to navigate around the house, but then, all of a sudden, help arrived. The family dog Maxx appeared and led the rescuers to the kids’ room. 

Maxx who is a retired K-9 saved his human siblings’ life that day and he was the real hero of the story. 

Currently, all of the family members are recovering at different hospitals as they all suffered from burns and heavy smoke inhalation. They were listed in serious to critical condition but are expected to recuperate all thanks to their loving dog Maxx. 

This family is so lucky to be having such a caring dog in their life. He deserves a reward for his brave action.