Getting the opportunity to share moments up close and personal with Mother Nature is something truly special – and in today’s day there aren’t very many places where you can do so. When one man decided to venture into the forests of southern Ontario he was hopeful he’d come across some of natures wonderful creatures. Fortunately for him he was lucky enough to do just that.


Deep in the forest there is a beautiful spot surrounded by lush green moss and multiple trees. Everything is a vibrant green color. Overjoyed by the locations beauty the man plopped down onto a rock and was hopeful some animals would make a special appearance. The man pulls out an apple and begins to munch on it. Within seconds he is lucky enough to spot a family of deer in the distance. The family of deer slowly make their way over to him, approaching him with no fear. In this particular forest the deer are protected so they’ve learned not to fear humans.


The man sees the deer and begins tossing them pieces of his apple. The deer nibble on it and he tries not to make sudden movements. It’s truly a breathtaking and beautiful sight. Lucky for him his camera was set up in the right spot and he was fortunate enough to capture remarkable footage. The location is serene and it’s truly a magical moment that looks like that of fairytales. Watch the footage for yourself in the video below.

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