Man enjoys the South Ontario nature and bites into an apple in the woods, not expecting mother deer to bring her fawn over for a bite

The whole thing resembles a scene from a Disney movie.


A man who decided to take a trip into the deep forest of Ontario was left stunned by the amazing thing he experienced. He decided to take a rest and enjoy the mesmerizing nature around him. The tall trees, the fresh air, and the vivid green color of the grass make this place a true Heaven on Earth. Besides random humans who visit this place in hopes of finding their peace and tranquility away from the busy and crowded cities, it’s also a home of many animals. If you are lucky, they may even come out from their shelter and treat you with their presence.


That’s exactly what this man stumbled upon. He found himself in a middle of a fairytale-like scene surrounded by a gorgeous deer family. Him taking a loud bite of the apple he carried with him and munching on it was enough for the lovely creatures to appear and satisfy their curiosity of who could it be to visit their home. The most unusual thing was that the mother let her fawns approach the man. He was overjoyed to see the lovely family so close to him but had to hide his excitement and avoid any sudden movements that could frighten the animals.

He quickly tossed them pieces of his food which they were happy to try. Deer are not afraid of humans because in this forest they are protected by law and are used to having guests around occasionally.


This might be one of the most remarkable footage of human-animal interactions we’ve ever seen. It’s pure magic how the deer family got so close to the man who had his camera rolling and managed to catch the breathtaking encounter on tape.

If you ever have the chance to visit this forest just grab it, because it’s a once in a life time opportunity to share your lunch with magnificent creatures like deer.

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