Man buys an old broken down log cabin for $100 and does an incredible renovation

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Every person out there dreams of having a place to call their own. However, while some enjoy living in big houses and even mansions, others opt for simplicity and don’t tend to follow trends.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if one lives in the village or the big city, or they own a huge place or a small one, what matters is to feel the cosiness, comfort, and warmth only a home brings.

A man named Richard Aiken, 65, is a man of many talents. He dubs himself a ‘hillbilly’ but the truth is that he is far from one. In fact, Richard has two PhDs, he’s a writer with a number of published books under his belt, a mathematician, an opera singer, and a very skilful carpenter. When he combined all his talents, this man created something out of the ordinary, a tiny home which resembles those depicted in a fairy-tale.

It all started when a friend of Richard’s told him that he had an old cabin in the middle of nowhere that he was trying to get rid of. Was this a sign? Well, it probably was as Richard dreamed of owning a cabin for a longer period of time. He was longing for spending time in peaceful and relaxing nature because that brought solace to his soul.

Richard said he was willing to buy it. His friend offered it for free, but Richard insisted to pay for it and gave his friend $100.

The cabin was old, dirty, and dilapidated. The roof was in a very bad condition too, and it wasn’t a safe place to live in.

Richard’s wife and children advised him to knock it down and built a new one, but Richard didn’t like the idea. Instead, he found the process of renovation pretty challenging and decided to go for it. He knew that he possessed the skills to make this happen, and he was right.

With a lot of hard work, Richard transformed the old cabin into a magical place. It did take a lot of time for his project to be finished, but the final result was definitely worth it.

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