Lost Dog Has Identity Confirmed When He Starts Singing His Favorite Song

A Husky was reported missing outside of the city, and the potential owners knew how to confirm if it was really their dog.


How many times have you come across a singing dog? Not many I guess, because that’s not something we get to see every day. However, this Siberian Husky possesses incredible singing skills thanks to which he was again reunited with his owners.

Namely, some kids stumbled upon the dog that wasn’t in a really good condition. He was laying all alone outside of Beersheba, Israel. The kind kids took it to the nearest police station because they were worried for his well-being. As it turned out, a Husky matching his description was reported missing by a local family.

The police quickly contacted the owners. They asked the officers to check whether it was their dog using an unusual method. Apparently, their pet would sing along whenever he would listen to the melody from his favorite TV show, “Shemesh.” The officers did exactly that, they played the song, and what followed is the most amazing thing ever.

We’ll just tell you that the dog was reunited with his owners, and for the rest of the story check the video below!