Landlord Cancels Rent for Hundreds of Tenants so That They Can Afford Food Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

"Don’t worry about paying me, worry about your neighbour and worry about your family." ❤️


The greatness and the compassion one possesses is best seen during tough times. With the coronavirus pandemic that left whole countries on lockdown, many people lost their jobs and struggle to make ends meet. Many economies are on the verge of cracking and as much as governments are trying to make things right and keep them on the right path, it’s the ordinary citizens who are affected the most.

However, stories of empathy towards those that are left impoverished during these hard days are what give us hope that we will end up winners and overcome the struggles. One Brooklyn landlord is one of those people who is restoring our faith in humanity, by canceling a month’s rent for hundreds of tenants. 

He wants people to use that money to provide enough food for themselves. 

News outlets have reported how 59-year-old Mario Salerno, who owns around 80 apartments across the Williamsburg and Greenpoint areas, with more than 200 tenants living there, has decided to waive the rent for April.

Just imagine the faces of the tenants when they got out one day and saw the sign their landlord placed on the front doors of the apartment buildings saying they don’t have to pay the rent. Priceless, I guess.