Grandmother makes her grandchild hang over 50-foot balcony so she could rescue her cat

Luckily, no one was hurt.


When we think of grandmas, images of lovely and caring ladies comes to our mind. These women are there to spoil their grandchildren rotten and make their days fun. But do all grannies share these same characteristics? Judging from this story, the answer is a big no. 

If you ever thought your grandma was “mean” to you for making you eat veggies and doing chores around the house, wait until you see what one grandma did after her daughter left her kid under her care one day. 

Both the grandma and the grandpa assured their daughter how her kid was safe with them and promised to keep a close eye on him, but they failed big. 

The 7-year-old boy was happy to be with his grandparents, but he was most excited to be playing with their cat. He kissed him, and hugged him, but the cat seemed not to like that kind of attention so he decided to get away from the boy by leaping off the balcony. 

In the next moment, the cat found himself trapped on a ledge one floor below his owner’s apartment. Realizing her cat was in danger, the grandmother got very furious with her grandson. The poor boy was very sorry and apologized many, many times, but the grandma would only accept it if he agreed to get down and save the animal. How, you may wonder. She constructed a device using a backpack and some long ropes. 

The boy was very scared but was ready to agree to it all as long as it made his grandma happy. So he put the backpack on, tied the rope, and let his grandma lower him down to where the cat was. 

The cat already escaped from the boy, and that’s how he find himself in such situation in the first place, so he didn’t want to get closer to the boy. But the grandma started shouting at the grandson, telling him to rescue her cat no matter what it takes. 

Luckily, he was able to catch the feline, after which the grandma pulled him up to safety.

The shocking scene of the boy hanging over 50-feet balcony shocked the passersby. Some took their phones out and filmed the whole thing, watching in complete disbelief. 

In no time, the video of the boy and the cat was shared on YouTube and people were very angry at the grandmother. They couldn’t believe how she could put her own daughter’s son in such danger. 

We are positive the boy’s mother was devastated at how her mother treated her son. He could have easily fall down and die. 

If you ever got mad at your mom for being strict to your kids, probably for their own good, now you know there are grandmas from hell out there and it makes you call your mom and thank her for taking care of your little ones the right way. 

It was later reported how the grandma realized she did a very careless thing and was deeply sorry for making her grandson going through such ordeal.

You can take a look at the shocking video below.