Cruel Babysitter Accused of Burning 6-Month-Old’s Feet for ‘Crying Too Much’

When the mom got home and spotted all those blisters on her daughter's feet, she asked Mendoza for an explanation.


When a person agrees to become a babysitter and take care of other people’s children, they should be perfectly aware that little kids can be demanding. And yes, babies and toddlers sometimes cry for no apparent reason, so it’s the sitter’s job to find ways to calm them down and show compassion and tenderness. 

The reality is that we have heard of so many stories of babysitters abusing and mistreating the children under their care that we should always be extra cautious when choosing whom we trust our greatest treasures to. 

Unfortunately for one family, they chose the wrong person for the job, and it ended with their child suffering severe burns. 

The nanny in question, Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, 36, was cooking tortillas while on the job, and the six-month-old baby girl she was supposed to keep safe started crying. This crazy woman then took the sweet baby and put her tiny feet onto the burning oil. 

When the mom got home and spotted all those blisters on her daughter’s feet, she asked Mendoza for an explanation. Mendoza, however, pretended to be surprised and claimed how nothing happened that day.  

The mother, of course, knew Mendoza was the one to blame as the girl was with her all day. Naturally, she wouldn’t let the cruel babysitter off the hook, so she contacted the police and told them how her little baby was hurt. 

Doctors said the girl suffered second degree burns. They could assume they were from burning oil. 

Since the horrific incident took place, Mendoza was charged with child abuse, and we hope justice will be served as soon as possible and she will pay for what she did.