Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn celebrate 40th anniversary

They celebrated their 40th anniversary not long ago, but the rumors have persisted for a long time. Goldie and Kurt have finally decided to address them, and it's just as we suspected.


Relationships between celebrities don’t always last. However, there are exceptions, and Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are the perfect proof of that.

They have been together for many years and both believe that the key to long lasting relationship is that they have never tied the knot.

“We have done just perfectly without marrying. I already feel devoted, and isn’t that what marriage is supposed to do?” Goldie told Woman’s Day in 2007.

Today, Goldie and Kurt are not only proud parents of their children they have from previous relationships, but proud grandparents too. They have six grandchildren and love spending time with them and spoiling them. In fact, the couple shares plenty of photos of the little ones and each of them shows just how much love these two have for their grandchildren.

Their grandchildren don’t call them grandma and grandpa but Gogo and Gogi, and we believe that’s very sweet and special.

Kurt and Goldie first met on the set of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1966. Back then, however, it seemed there was no chemistry between them, probably because of the fact that Goldie was 21 and Kurt was still a teenager. From that movie on, both went on to have extremely successful careers.

After their first film together, Kurt and Goldie both stared in Swing Shift in 1983 and that’s when they started dating. Four years later, they appeared in Overboard.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the couple to appear in a movie together again but that didn’t happen until 2018 when they played Mr. and Mrs. Claus in The Christmas Chronicles and then reprised the roles again in The Christmas Chronicles 2.

On Valentine’s Day, the couple celebrated 40 years of being together.

“For people like us, the marriage certificate wasn’t going to create anything that otherwise we wouldn’t have,” Kurt told People.

“I don’t know – 40 years isn’t enough to finally say, ‘Well I guess…’”

Goldie added: “Our children got married … Oliver’s very happily married and Wyatt’s very happily married. Katie got married once and that didn’t work, and she’s with this most amazing human and I don’t know if she’ll marry again. The point is that we all tried marriage and sometimes marriage doesn’t work.

“It’s not about the marriage. It’s about the people and the relationship, and the will to stay together. And that’s a big one because if you want it, you can have it. You’ve got to give things up, but the joy and the excitement of being together and touching the toes of somebody at night is really a nice feeling.”

We wish Goldie and Kurt many more happy years together.

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