Kelly Osbourne looks absolutely stunning after turning to a healthy lifestyle

We are so glad she finally found herself and decided to take control over her life.


A great number of celebrities tend to keep their children out of the spotlight and provide them with as much normal life as possible because they are aware of the influence media and newspapers can have on the kids. However, this was never the case with Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of rock ‘n’ roll icon Ozzy Osbourne.

According to Kelly herself, she was just three months old when her parents took her with them on tour so she got used to that life practically since the moment she was welcomed into the world. “So, there was no discovering Black Sabbath or rock ‘n’ roll music. That was my life! I didn’t know any different. It was when I started going to school that I realized that we were a little bit different.”

Being a child of someone famous as Ozzy Osbourne wasn’t easy. During her childhood, Kelly witnessed her dad struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. According to her brother, Jack, during one of their parents’ fights, Ozzy tried strangling his wife Sharon and was forced to spend a couple of months in a mental health center after that.


“I’ve had a mad life. As a child [the heavy-metal band] Mötley Crüe used to babysit me,” Kelly told Daily Mail.

“My father taught us about music – we learned about everyone from the Beatles to Mariah Carey; I have fond memories of getting calls from her at Christmas singing Black Sabbath songs.”


People learned more of Kelly during the show The Osbournes which aired back in 2002 and featured the domestic life of the family, excluding Kelly’s sister Aimee who refused to be involved.

“I didn’t like the judgment and criticism,” Kelly told Daily Mail some time ago. “I am so grateful that there wasn’t social media then. You’ve got to let people grow up, let them fall and pick themselves up again. I was a billion times worse than the kids that get a bad rap now. It really breaks my heart watching what some of the young people in Hollywood have to go through.”


Kelly tried herself in acting, singing, modeling and fashion design over the years. Her cover of Madonna’s hit Papa Don’t Preach reached the music charts in the U.K. but her album Shut Up! wasn’t well-accepted by the fans, so she turned to fashion design instead.

In 2006, Kelly went to rehab to help herself with the drug and alcohol abuse. “What bugs me the most is that people think I was a party girl and I went around having a great time,” she writes in her page. “I did drugs because I hated myself and I was miserable, and I didn’t want to think about it anymore.”

Luckily, those days are far behind her. Not only she overcame her addictions, but she turned to a healthy lifestyle as well. The vegan diet helped her lose over 85 pounds and Kelly looks stunning today.

She makes sure she keeps her fans updated about her life, including her weight-loss journey. Kelly says that staying healthy isn’t easy sometimes, but she has some valuable advice. “For me, what it’s all about is finding that healthy moderation, which is easier said than done,” she told The Beet. “When you sat there in front of a plate of french fries, there is no moderation. So you have to realize if I’m going to eat this, I’m going to do an extra 15 minutes of working out … just balance everything out.”

A few weeks ago, beautiful Kelly shared this photo of her wearing black dress and wrote how she can’t believe that’s her.

“I still can’t believe that this is actually me in these pictures. Hard work, acceptance of who you really Deep down under all that insecurity/fat can turn into a beautiful thing,” she wrote. “In the past I lost weight for social acceptance. This time… I did not lose weight anyone but myself and it feels great!!! If you too are on a path transformation before you do anything… you have to learn to love yourself. I love you guys so much.”

We are so glad she finally found herself and decided to take control over her life. Kelly you are such an inspiration!