In order for them to build their self-confidence and learn how to love themselves from early age, children need to be supported and praised for all their efforts and hard work.

A teacher named Amanda Cox is sharing an uplifting story that comes from her classroom. One day, she forgot to bring her pencils in class and asked from her students to lend her some. A boy, who had plenty of pencils, offered to give her some but asked from her to return them to him at the end of the day.

Source: Facebook – Amanda Cox

Amanda thanked him and promised to give them back. But it wasn’t until she tried to sharpen one that she realized why those pencils were so important to her student.

Namely, she noticed something written on them with a red pen. When she took a closer look, Amanda realized those were personal messages. The one in her hand said, “You are so talented.” She then took another one and read another message. Some of those encouraging words were, “This will be a great year,” “You are creative” and “You are phenomenal.”

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Amanda approached the boy and asked if he could show her the rest of his pencils. And just as she assumed, each and every one of them had a different message written on it. This teacher’s heart melted. She was very happy to see how this student’s mother took the time to do something so special for her son. “Thanks to his mom, he was reminded of his self worth and wanted to share the same feeling with his classmates,” Amanda said.

It was obvious that his mother’s encouraging messages meant a lot to the boy because they reminded him how special he was and how great things would be for him in the future.

After Amanda shared the story along with the photos of the pencils on her Facebook page, it caught the attention of thousands of people who agreed the mother was doing parenting right.

Source: Facebook – Amanda Cox

Over 451,000 positive comments spoke of just how much everyone loved the mom’s idea.

We should never forget that our little ones need a little push every now and then in order to achieve what they are truly capable of. If you loved this story make sure you share it with your friends.