K-9 Was Shot While on the Job – His Reaction Is Priceless When the Officer Comes to Visit


In the fight against criminals, K-9 units play very important role. The officers along with their four-legged highly-trained canines make sure the law is respected and everyone stays safe and sound. The intelligent dogs who have strong sense of smell help in pursuing fugitives, searching for missing persons, and detecting narcotics or weapons.

Back in March 2018, officer R.J. Young and Bruno, a K-9 German Shepherd, were on the job when the canine got shot in the face by a suspect he was trying to reach. 

The brave dog risked his own life in order to prevent anyone around him getting hurt. His injuries were pretty severe and he had to undergo two surgeries. A bullet was lodged into his chest, but luckily, it missed his heart. 

Bruno’s recovery was intense, but he pulled through and was ready to say goodbye to his professional career as an officer. His fellow friend, officer Young, visited Bruno at the hospital for the first time after the incident took place and their reunion was caught on tape. We have to admit that we couldn’t help but shed some tears of joy for these two. 

The best part of all is that now Bruno is officially adopted by officer Young’s family. They all love him so much and know he simply belongs there, near his friend’s side. 

Officer Young said, “He’s like a son to me. Bruno will be with me for the rest of my life.”