Stray Dog Steals a Slice of Pizza and Leads to Homeless Puppies’ Rescue


Usually, when something is taken from us, we tend to react in an angry manner. Luckily, the workers who were on their lunch break when a stray dog approached and stole a slice of the mouth-watering pepperoni pizza didn’t get mad. On the contrary, they could see from the way she looked that the poor soul was starving. 

However, this kind workers knew a small portion of their lunch wouldn’t be enough food for the malnourished ‘thief’ so they decided to call the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA and ask whether they could step in and help. 

When the rescuers arrived at the scene, they stumbled upon an incredible discovery. It turned out the dog didn’t take the food for herself. She had someone to feed, and she would do anything to do so. 

The dog, now named Queen Elizabeth, was a mother of six precious puppies. Unfortunately, when they were first spotted that day, they were all near starvation. 

the Peninsula Humane Society said, “This poor little dog was struggling to survive on her own, eating whatever scraps of food she could find and trying to take care of her babies.” 

To see what happened to this family of seven take a look at their story in the video below.