Dog Given 8 Weeks to Live Hangs On for Months to See His Dad for the Last Time

They didn't think Kermie would ever get to see Dad again, but then this happened...


“Dogs are the only creatures on earth that love you more than they love themselves” is a saying that proved to be true many times. These amazing animals are gentle, loyal, and love their humans more than their barking and licking can say. 

Having a dog by your side means having a friend for life. The sad reality is, however, that the life span of our furry buddies is shorter than ours’ and there comes a time when we have to say that one last goodbye. If you have never gone through the pain of losing a pet, you can’t possibly know how painful that experience might be. 

Kermie was a loving dog who was diagnosed with cancer only a month after her human daddy Eric was deployed for eight months. The veterinarians gave Kermie only two to three months to live, but she wouldn’t leave the world without seeing her human for one last time. 

This is what Eric’s wife had to say of their sweet pet.

“We were devastated, to say the least. Kermie was our first child, and we did not think Eric would ever get to see her again.”

“Kermie continued to do okay for several months, surpassing the vet’s estimate for survival. As the end of the deployment drew nearer, hopes for a never-expected reunion began to creep into our minds. However, the tumor in her mouth was making it increasingly more difficult for her to eat and drink.”

“November, homecoming month, was very stressful. We truly did not know if she would make it until Eric returned. The boys and I were doing everything we could to ensure she took her medication and kept her weight up. I was making her home-cooked meals, and at times, hand-feeding her. “

“Twelve days before Eric was due home, we received crushing news – the deployment was being extended indefinitely. I just KNEW Kermie would not make it until Christmas.”

“She hung on.”

“A few days before Christmas, after 9 long months, we received the best gift. It is all any of us wanted for Christmas.”

Seeing Eric was all Kermie needed in order for her strength to get back. She started eating and drinking without struggle. But only a few months after she celebrated her 12th birthday, Kermie had to be put down because her tumor made her life very difficult and miserable. 

Her family misses her dearly and will never forget all the joys Kermie brought in their life. However, they know she’s now at a better place. 

Along with the heartwarming video of the reunion, the family shared a quote from Dr. Seuss that goes, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”