Judge Judy speaks of the mini-stroke she experienced live on TV

Judge Judy's 80th birthday was 5 days ago ❤️ What she said about her on-air mini-stroke. Prayers!


Being a woman in a male-dominated profession was pretty hard back in the day. Nowadays, things are changed, but it took us quite some time to get where we are today.

Judy Sheindlin, or as most of you know her as “Judge Judy,” was never afraid to pursue a career as a lawyer. In fact, she always knew she would become one, although people believed she didn’t belong in the profession. When she graduated from the American University in Washington DC 1963, she was the only woman in her class of 126 students.

She first worked as a lawyer before becoming a judge.

One day in 1966, she welcomed 60 Minutes inside her court room and that was the start of one of the best TV shows there are, “Judge Judy.” It was on air for over 25 years. The show was canceled in 2020.

The audience fell for Judge Judy’s no-nonsense, wisecracking approach from day one, and her show grew in popularity with each episode.

During one of her live performances, Judge Judy experienced a mini-stroke.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Judy reportedly claimed, “The folks that watched me for 15 years sensed something was wrong, and without asking – which was probably a very good thing, because I would have said, ‘Don’t go there’ – they called EMS.”

She could be noticed asking questions in a very slow motion, which was a sign something wasn’t right, so the producers called 911.

“I could have had a transient ischemia stroke, but the symptoms went away quickly,” she said.

Today, 80-year-old Judy Sheindlin is running a new show and is in good health.

Despite her age, she doesn’t plan to slow down. “I’m not tired. Tennis or golf are not my sports. I have no desire and no intention to learn how to play mahjong, checkers, or chess,” she said.

“I am aware of the things I like to do. Why would I want to try to learn something new at this stage in my life when I already know what I like?”

Judy and her husband Jerry Sheindlin once divorced, but their love for one another was so strong that they toed the knot once again and have never left each other’s side ever since.

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