Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy celebrates second birthday after surviving two heart surgeries

What a fighter Help us wish him well!


Easter is that special time of the year when we celebrate life, but Jimmy Kimmel, our favorite face on television, had another reason to be extra joyful on that day. His youngest son Billy turned two.

Billy was born with a congenital heart condition and had to undergo surgery only three days after he was welcomed into the world. Those were tough times for the family, but the brave little baby managed to overcome the condition. He had his second surgery when he turned 7 months, and he’s now doing fine and brings happiness in his family.

Back in 2017, Jimmy opened up about his son’s condition in a monologue in which he made a plea for the government to continue financially covering the health care of children with preexisting conditions, especially for the families who weren’t able to cover the expenses on their own.

He also used the opportunity to publicly thank the doctors who treated Billy, as well as the rest of the medical staff who were devoted to his healing.

Now, as he wished his son a happy birthday, he again spoke of the effort made by the doctors and how they were the reason his son is now one happy child.

The photo he posted on his Instagram account melted the hearts of people from all around the world. Smiling and holding a carrot in his hand, little Billy made our Easter a bit more special as he reminded us how brave he is.

Jimmy’s wife, Molly McNearney also took it to social media to wish her boy a happy birthday and to thank all the nurses and doctors at Children’s Hospital LA for saving Billy’s life. She wrote, “Sending love and prayers to all the families in the hospital today and always.”

We also thank all those people working at the hospitals for their dedication, love, and professionalism. They are our everyday heroes.

As for Jimmy and his lovely family, we wish them all the joys life brings.