I kicked out my widowed dad & his pregnant wife after discovering what she did to my little sister

What I did that she totally didn't expect in the link in the comments.


No matter how old a person is, the trauma of losing a parent is always profound. While some manage to overcome the grief more easily, other struggle for years to accept the fact that their parent is no longer there.

One Reddit user shared the story of losing her mother and the events that followed the tragic event.

This happened three years ago, and their father remarried just six months after the OP’s mother passing.


Although she was happy about her dad being able to move on, both she and her younger sister, 16, found it hard to believe that he made the decision to welcome a new wife into his life at such a short time.

The new woman moved into their family home that used to belong to OP’s late mother and was now left to OP while her sister got the vacation home.

However, soon after their step-mom started living with them, she removed all of the photos of their mom and placed them all in OP’s sister’s room.

The 16-year-old had a hard time overcoming her mother’s loss, and the fact that her step-mom got pregnant with twins only made her more and more overwhelmed.


In the midst of the situation, the sister decided to throw a party for her 16th birthday and be able to forget about her mom even for a while. She had the party while her father and step-mom were on holiday.

The teen invited her friends and they had some fun time together, but a problem emerged when the father and his pregnant wife returned home the following morning, earlier than expected, and saw there were many teenagers there.

The step-mom got extremely angry and asked for the guests to leave the place. Soon after, she started shouting, saying the house wasn’t a party place and that OP’s sister shouldn’t have had a party there although the father knew his daughter would be celebrating and agreed on that.

As the argument got heated, the step-mom kicked the 16-year-old out of the house and sent her to her aunt, unaware that the house now belonged to OP.


Hearing this the following day, OP got extremely mad. She was raged with her father who didn’t protect his younger daughter and let his wife kick her out of the house while he knew she was still grieving.

At that moment, no matter how rough her decision seemed, OP told her father and her seven-month pregnant step-mother to leave the house, giving them a week to move out.

The father was caught by surprise, calling OP a spoiled brat and threatening to challenge her mother’s will.


OP, however, believed that her dad should never let his wife treat her younger sister like she did. She was mad he didn’t stood up for her, and Redditors said she had all the right to kick them out, assuring her she wasn’t in the wrong.

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