‘I gave birth to twins as a surrogate 14 months ago… they’re still here’

“Their biological parents have never arrived to take the babies home… now I haven’t heard from them in 50 days.”


A woman named Amanda who was a surrogate mother in the past decided to do it again. An international couple got in touch with her with a help of a surrogacy agency and she agreed to carry their baby.

The procedure was a successful one and Amanda fell pregnant with twins. She carried the little ones for nine months before she was able to hold them. James and Hannah were born perfectly healthy and Amanda was sure their biological parents couldn’t wait to take the little ones home. But that’s not what happened.

Source: TikTok

At first, they said they didn’t like the fact they needed to spend two weeks in quarantine upon arrival in the U.S. but even when the COVID-19 travel restrictions were abolished, the parents failed to show up and pick up their kids. With that, they also failed to establish their parental rights and Amanda and her husband were included on the infants’ birth certificates. The twins were supposed to be issued a new certificate after their parents brought them home and properly established parental privileges, as per the contract Amanda signed with them. However, up until now, they didn’t come to take their babies.

Source: TikTok

They did send Amanda money for the kids but she ordered them not to unless they plan to appear and receive James and Hannah.

The twins are now 14 months old and still living with Amanda and her family. Their biological parents haven’t contacted them for over 50 days.

Uncertain about what to do next, Amanda and her husband contacted a lawyer who would help them to figure out their next move.