Homeless father unable to find shelter that takes men with children

After Joseph and his five children became homeless they've slept in their van and motels, but have been looking for a shelter. Unfortunately, very few shelters are willing to accept men with children.


Life is a never-ending circle of ups and downs and we never really know when a desperate situation will come across our way.

Joseph Cantu from Southeast Michigan had a nice life with his wife and his five children, but things turned for the worst when the mother of his kids left them.

Sadly, that meant he could no longer pay for the house and he and his kids became homeless.

Ever since, he struggles to provide a safe shelter for his family, but it’s way harder that it looks.

“There’s been several nights where we stayed inside this van. We pull inside a rest area sometimes to sleep,” he told FOX 2. “And then there’s several nights that some people will donate money here and there so we can sleep in a motel room.”

And as if the situation this struggling father found himself in wasn’t stressful and difficult enough, Joseph also lost his job because he couldn’t provide childcare for three of his children who still don’t attend school.

At the time being, he’s waiting to be given place in a shelter, but as it turns out, the shelters in the area don’t take in single fathers with children.

“I never thought this would happen to myself anyway but what bothers me the most is that they [his kids] have to endure it as well, and luckily they’re small enough they probably won’t remember it,” he said.

Although Joseph qualified for child care through the Michigan Department of Human Services, he is till in urgent need of a stable job that would help him provide for his little ones.

People who know him and are aware of the tough times he’s forced to go through have started a GoFundMe page.

We are furious and overwhelmed by the fact that no shelter is willing to open their doors for a single father with that many children who is struggling to make ends meet.

We hope Joseph would be able to find a job very soon and he and his kids would have a decent life.