Hidden camera footage shows a caretaker assaulting an 84-year-old elderly granny

This brought tears to my eyes!


The world we live in is a cruel one. How often does it happen that you stumble upon a story of animals being abused and neglected, or elderly people being assaulted at the assisted living facilities where they spend the last years of their life? Unfortunately, the answer most of you would give, is way too often.

One may say that children are those who should take care of their parents when they reach certain age, but that’s not always possible.

They, however, believe that their older family members would be given the care and the support they deserve, but sadly, that’s not always the case.

This is just another heartbreaking story of an elderly woman being treated with disrespect at the nursing home where she lives.

The following video shows a caretaker cruelly hitting and kicking and 84-year-old woman who has difficulties moving around because of her deteriorated health condition and her age.

The case of abuse was discovered after the family of the lady noticed she had bruises all over her body. When they asked for an explanation, the staff told them how she had fallen off a chair and hurt herself. The family didn’t buy the story and decided to install a hidden camera in the room.

The discovery chilled their blood and broke their hearts. They simply couldn’t believe how someone could be so cruel.

The video was later posted online so that more people become aware of the hidden dangers they put their elderly in when they place them in nursing homes.

You can take a look at the shocking scenes in the video below.