High school sweethearts get married 45 years later

"Right now, it is just so much fun to be happy."


Love is that powerful force that makes this world go round.

When two people fall in love, they’d do anything to be together. But what happens when the society is judgmental over the choice you made about whom to spend the rest of your life with? I guess these days, many wouldn’t even care what others say of their relationship, but back in the day things were quite different. When Howard Foster and Myra Clark fell for each other, the surrounding said no. Why? Because these two lovebirds had different skin color.

Howard was well aware how his relation to Myra would only bring troubles for her, so no matter how much he adored her, he knew it was for the best if the two split. When he recalls those high school days, he says how this decision was the most difficult one he had to ever make.

“I remember just sitting in my car and crying, because it was not an easy decision. I really did love her,” said Howard.

The break-up was inevitable, and both remember how they felt when the time for that last goodbye came. As they went separate ways they waved at each other for one last time, but they somehow knew deep inside they would meet again.

“I really think that wave was, I’ll see you later,” she said.

Time passed by, and Howard and Myra continued with their life. Myra never got married as Howard remained her only true love. Howard on the other hand did get married, but it didn’t last long.

It is as though life wanted for them to be together again, because their love was honest and true, and their relationship broke because of the society and all those people who expressed racist beliefs.

It was in 2014, when Howard’s and Myra’s destinies crossed again. A mutual friend of theirs thought it would be nice if they reunite and reconnect.

That so much-anticipated reunion was full of emotions and resembled a script from the most romantic movie. They were by their side again and now they wouldn’t let anything or anyone stay on their way to happiness. Racism wasn’t something that scared them any longer.

“For me, the fact that I was sitting there holding her hands is something that I thought would never happen,” said Howard. “And I was not letting her go.”

A year after that faithful encounter that took four decades to take place, the lovebirds committed to each other and wowed to love and cherish until the rest of time.

The way Howard and Myra talk of their love with sparks in their eyes is the kind of affection we don’t see that often.