Heartbreakingly Simple Things These Kids Ask For At Christmas, Can You Believe It?


They’re asking for heartbreakingly simple things, amongst the parties and celebrations with food the children at Christmas are the important ones, it’s the season! The non-profit ‘Things of My Very Own Inc.’ TOMVO based in New York give gifts. One young boy asks for snacks at school so he is not the only one in the class with nothing to eat!

This touching request he made brings our lives back into perspective I believe, TOMVO based in New York have a simple and clear mission at Christmas, besides their gift donation program they also help keep families together too and keep children out of the foster care system, especially when the sole problem is not enough money to buy the essential things needed to live!

This ten year old boy with such a simple wish holds this one simple thing as absolutely crucial, because of how it makes him feel to be the only one without snacks! He feels this every day that crushing feeling of being the odd one out when you just want to fit in, and have a few pokémoon cards too because, after all, he is still 10….

A small snack seems like such a small thing in most peoples eye, but put yourself back at school, under the watchful eyes of all your peers, judged my everything you do and say and have, and while yes its important to accept where you are and ignore the naysayers, at only 10 this is not how our youngsters minds work yet….

TOMVO gives out gift tags to local businesses and people select then buy the items written in the tag that they have and take them to the organization wrapped and ready to give to a child.

Getting tags with Thomas the tank engine, blankets, a night-light, clothes, across everything you could imagine there is a request for something important to each child’s heart.

At six years old this boy wants food and an army man, let’s just consider that for a moment, he’s six and he is asking for food? Does that make you want to cry? I know It makes me want to!

Asking for blankets and a coat and she likes the color blue and felt fabric then she wants to desperately tell the gift buyers she is ‘a nice person’, can you feel your heart reaching out and feeling for these children, I know that my own kids don’t have a clue about real hardship!

Here, on the other hand, these children are wishing for the simplest of things that so many other children don’t consider because they have all these things in abundance! In what world, we must ask ourselves, does a child have to wish for things to keep her warm!

Amongst all these heartbreaking requests, thankfully we are reminded that these are still kids and still innocent enough to consider that their biggest concerns are things like ‘their brother is stealing their Batman toys’…

TOMVO, it’s fair to say probably isn’t unique, but that doesn’t make it any less special. There are no doubt many places that do similar things, at least we hope so! Let’s all support our own communities and children in these magical times of the year that we can make all children feel special!

As a parent, we try to think of other peoples children too, make donations to charities that do actually help children at Christmas time, give food, toys, money, just what you can afford to give to help other kids at this magical time of the year! If you cant give things, then maybe you could give your time to help a worthy charity, to help others, every little bit helps!!!

For the little boy who simply wished for snacks at school, $10 or even $5 could get him set-up for a whole month, just imagine how he would feel and grow in confidence, just to fit in at school and not to worry about this simple thing that is so important to him.

In 2017 I sometimes think that the world grows meaner every year, but then again, in other ways some of us just grow kinder and do help the world to become a better place!

So let’s be the good ones and make our world a better place.

If you’d like to donate to Things of My Very Own, Inc. directly, you can do that on their website. Other organizations that help kids during the holidays are Toys for Tots, Operation Christmas Child, and Make A Wish, just to mention a few!

Shearing is CARING, please share and let’s really send this message out far an wide, thank YOU!