Gwen Stefani looks mesmerizing embracing her natural looks

Stefani has always been considered bold and eccentric went it comes to her style.


Most people love to be up to date with the latest fashion and makeup trends. They do this mostly because they see their favorite celebrities following and even setting up those fashion styles. Throughout the years, makeup and fashion fads have been evolving constantly. From minimal colors in the 30’s, to pastel eye shadows in the 80’s. From Twiggy’s iconic lower lashes, to Kennedy Onassis’ hairstyle ‘the Flip,” the last 100 years have witness many trends come and go.

Recently, it looks like a lot of celebrities and influencers have given the natural look a go. Many decide to embrace their natural, makeup free beauty by posting selfies on the social media and reminding their fans and followers that we should love ourselves the way we are.

One of those celebrities that is trying to make a change on the way we see beauty is Gwen Stefani. She might be 50, but she’s still looking as awesome as ever. Throughout the years, the red lipstick and the smoked eyeliner have been her thing. Today, however, she believes she should let her face breath and take a rest from the makeup every now and then.

Wikipedia Commons / Sanne649

“I do my own makeup whenever I play live,” the singer told Cosmopolitan.

“I don’t know what it is, but something about that whole kind of war paint, you know, putting it on, building the confidence. Once I get the makeup on, it’s show time, I’ve said that for years and its so true.”

Stefani has always been considered bold went it comes to her style which is dubbed by many pretty-meets-punk.

Wikipedia Commons / Sanne649

Makeup, especially the famous red lipstick that she rocks so incredibly perfect, is somehow what defines her style. “I have my whole beauty crew. Everyone I work with is just as passionate about makeup and hair and style as I am, so we just have so much fun creating looks. We love to recreate anything that feels vintage; any decade like the 60s or 70s. Being on The Voice we did a lot of that, referencing all the old Hollywood stars. It’s super fun,” Stefani told Elle some years ago.

Wikipedia Commons / Zach Cierzan

Today, she loves being natural and be an inspiration to young women from all over the world.

“The one thing that I have really changed is trying to get all the makeup off,” she said.

“It was hard when I was younger because I was always on a tour bus, literally washing my face with bottled water, inside a bus. But the key is to keep it clean at night [and] let your face breath because I really don’t let it breathe at any other time.”

Of course, it’s not that Stefani doesn’t wear any make up or is ditching her red lipstick completely. She just wants to give her face a break every now and then. Some of the photos she posted on her Instagram account a while ago are simply mesmerizing. Her natural beauty is incredible. Share this article if you agree.