Woman called “Purple People Eater” because of her birthmark undergoes surgery

The transformation is certainly something!


How do we learn not to judge a book by its cover? Sadly, based on a woman named Kiana Smith, we don’t. Being different for whatever reason can make many see the person as an outcast and as though they don’t belong anywhere, and that’s devastating beyond words.

When she was welcomed into the world, Kiana’s parents and her doctors couldn’t help by notice the most unusual birthmark ever. The distinguishing feature spread on a significant portion of the girl’s face and her chest.

As time passed by, her birthmark only grew bigger and bigger and that caused her a lot of trouble while growing up. Many of Kiana’s schoolmates didn’t show any understanding for her looks. Instead, she had been called names and bullied. She remembers how those who were supposed to be her friends used to call her “Purple People Eater.”

Over time, she learned how to love herself for who she is and had undergone a number of procedures that would help her reduce the birthmark and feel better about herself. Speaking of her condition, Kiana said how she could feel the blood flow and pump around her birthmark. It was so huge that even her speech was impeded.

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Hera is spoiled rotten always trying to clean my ears

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“The surgeries of my birthmark have helped so much. I mean I don’t have this bulk on my face,” Kiana said.

“As I would describe it, it’s like having this huge one-inch steak, the weight of it hanging on your face. Sometimes I would feel the blood just running and pumping in my birthmark. But I don’t have that anymore. I am able to speak much better which is fantastic.”

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Kiana is confident in herself and won’t let her birthmark define who she is although she’s very well aware that there always be people who would stare.

This woman is such an inspiration for everyone out there who believes they don’t look the way society wants them to. Today, Kiana is an ambassador for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation and is making a huge change in the life of many.

Take a look at the whole story and this brave woman’s incredible transformation in the video below.