Guy tries to explain the bad smell of a woman he came across, but his gag reflex is triggered each time and it’s hilarious

This made us burst out laughing!


Good personal hygiene is crucial for keeping our body, head, and hands clean and healthy. At the same time, it also affects those around us and the people we randomly meet every single day. Of course, no one wants to go around smelling badly, but yet, there are people who fail to keep themselves clean. That has an impact on their social life, for sure, because everyone tends to avoid those who don’t bath and spread unbearable odor.

Unfortunately for the man from the video below named Mr. Cimarello, but luckily for us because it made us burst out laughing, he stumbled upon a woman at the store whose odor was the worst ever.


He was so frustrated by the encounter, that he started complaining to his wife about the smelly woman he met. However, speaking of it wasn’t easy as his gag reflex was triggered every time he tried to explain what he had to go through. His wife couldn’t stop laughing, and according to her, she was still in stitches a couple of hours after she stopped filming her “disturbed” husband.

The video has been seen over 8.2 million times, with thousands commenting how it is the most hilarious clip there is. Check it out below and tell us if you had a great laugh yourself.