3-year-old boy goes viral after leading Pre-K class in prayer at St. Louis Christian school

He's so adorable!


Isn’t it incredible how little children can be more considerate and more thoughtful than the adults at times? Although they have their whole life ahead of them, some kids learn the true values on life from very early age. Of course, most times, it is their parents who teach them right from wrong and guide them towards growing into good humans.

When the video of sweet Makhi Martin was posted online in January 2020, his mom had no idea it would turn her little boy in one of the most loved individuals in America.

Although he was just three years old, he managed to steal the hearts of millions by leading his class in prayer before lunch at the Transformation Christian School in St. Louis. Makhi starts the prayer with the words “Father God,” and the whole class repeats after him. He then continuous saying, “We thank you for this food. We ask you to bless it. Make it nourishment to our bodies.”

He ends his prayer by asking God to “bless all the boys and girls all over the world to receive food.”

His mother, Ranisha Martin, posted the video on Instagram and it was later shared on YouTube where it has been seen over 6.7 million times.

Ranisha never heard Makhi say a prayer that clearly. She was surprised herself and said she’s proud of her boy. She also added how they received a lot of positive comments from people from all over the country and beyond.

Take a look at the video below.