This Guy Was Handed A Note By Another Passenger After He Told A Woman He Was Sitting In Her Seat

"Do good. Recognize good. Make the world better."


“Do good. Recognize good. Make the world better.”

I think this story is truly wonderful, it really make me feel good inside!

This guy proved that one seemingly insignificant gesture can mean the world to its recipient. If you’ve traveled before on an airplane then you have probably already seen the special treatment that is afforded to members of our nation’s amazing armed services.

This guy took that step further and after the service membres were allowed to board the flight first, as is customary, he thought that this wasn’t nearly enough for all the hard work they him and his fellow service men and women do and their willingness to put their lives at stake to protect everyone’s freedoms.

A man got up from his seat and told the woman in uniform, who boarded the flight after everyone else in first class, that he was sat in the wrong seat, and actually he was sitting in her rightful seat. She was a little confused at first but when she realized what was happening she was very grateful.

One great deed deserves another, and as another woman had seen what was happening and this guy was giving up his seat to the service woman she decided to let him know what that meant to her. She gave him some money to treat himself, but he declined the money as he didn’t need a reward for his actions.

The United States Of America is truly great because of people and the actions they take exactly like this, and the mistake is thinking that the american people do not appreciate military personnel. And this storey really reinforces that and the thoughtfulness of good people.

“If everyone treated people the way you treated the servicewoman, the world would be [a] better place,” Titus wrote in a note for the man. And though he refused, according to Titus, she adds that people should make an effort to do, and recognize, all the good in the world.

If you’re like me then you too think that the great servicemen and servicewomen really must be treated to be as special as they are.

If you think so too then please do share this lovely warm storey with family and friends.