Guilty Labrador offers a sincere apology for the mess he made

He has been busted, but he knows exactly what to do.


Dogs are the best! I just can’t imagine my life without one in it. Lovable, adorable, loyal…well, the list can go on and on.

However, besides being the best pets there are, dogs can be misbehaving, too. Just like this adorable Black Labrador from the video below.

When no one was looking, he decided to undertake an investigation mission and dig in the trash. Needless to say, he turned the kitchen into a complete mess and knew he was in trouble the moment his human mommy laid eyes on him.

However, this smart dog had an ace up his sleeve and knew exactly what to do in order to avoid being told off.

Source: Rumble

“You made this mess and I have to clean it up,” she could be heard saying. “I want you to sit here and you think about what you did.”

So, he did exactly that. He was standing in the corner, pulling off a sad face, as though he wanted to tell his owner he knew he was guilty.

Then, all of a sudden, the smart Lab thought of offering an apology in the best way possible. He gently raised his paw and pointed it towards his mommy. Seeing him doing that, she accepted the paw.

We are so glad this lovely “incident” was caught on camera.

For more check out the video below.