Grandparents Try To Get Baby To Say His First Word, They Are All Truly Surprised by What He Says!


A baby’s first words are always special and for most children that tend to be the usual ‘Mama’ or ‘Dada’. For sure, the parent who has their little boy or girl say their name first feels especially special, but for this one family, it happened it little differently!

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit them, and like most grandparents encourage their little one to say their first word, but for the little one, ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ really don’t seem to be words he wants to say!!


These sweet and quite definitely very loving Grandparents could not be more proud of their beautiful grandson, his little ‘coo’ and ‘goo’ sounds are really lovely. Most of all though they are excited to try to get him to speak and say his first words…

Funnily though his very first word is a completely unexpected surprise, everyone is completely stunned for a brief moment after he says the words, did they hear him right?


Yep, they certainly did hear him right, he really said it…

Just before Grandma had been saying to him:

“Say, Mama. Do you want to?”

“Do you want to say milk?”

After a few tries Grandpa has a genius moment, and without too much thought says something unexpected…

Grandpa looked straight to his Grandson and said:



The little one paused and with a carefully thought out movement of his mouth, looking at grandpa’s amusement at the word he says the word!

As it just happens to be, the family have a cat called Taco and it’s the cat’s honor to have baby say his name! A big thanks goes to Grandpa and the cat from this really hilarious and great moment caught on camera!

Looks like this little one feels quite close to the cat!


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