Grandma Pays for Hot Dogs, Her Sister Insists on Paying Her Back and It Leads to a Hilarious Argument

This elderly lady simply won't let anyone pay for her stuff.


Did you get the chance to check one of the best YouTube accounts out there, that of Grandma and Ginga? If not, this is your chance to see one of their cutest and most hilarious videos.

These two sisters are living by the rule that no one should ever pay for their stuff, but themselves. They don’t even want to take money from one another. But what happens when one of them tries to buy the other one some hot dogs? Well, you have to check that out yourself.

Genevieve and Arlene, who go by the names Gee and Ginga were driving around with Gee’s daughter when Ginga payed for the hot dogs. Of course, Gee who is the older sister, 104 years old to be exact, was looking for some money in her purse. When she finally found them, she rolled the cash and handed it to Ginga, who is 99 years old. And that’s when their argument started.

“Hey Arlene, take this,” said Gee. But Gee pretended she had no idea why her sister was offering her money and kept asking, “What is it for?” to what Gee answered, “Take it. I’ll tell you later what it’s for.”

Gee insisted her sister take the money as much as Ginga refused to do so. She even tried to persuade her saying, “I’m getting tired holding it.”

At one point, Ginga revealed the very much obvious reason for their senseless “argument” saying, “I bought those hot dogs.”

Gee’s daughter have seen these kinds of situations many times before, so she was just waiting for the outcome of the “money fight” between these lovely sisters.

And yes, as expected, Gee would stop at nothing until she makes Ginga take the money for the food she bought. But when Gee says, “Please take it! You went and got all the hot dogs,” Ginga replies, “So what? I don’t give a shit.”

Someone watching this hilarious video wrote, “Love old people who talk like sailors lol…”

In fact, understanding the next part of their conversation was a bit hard, as all we heard Ginga say is, “You put your rambom buh. I’m not give you no napkins. Gee, I got you napkins. Gee, that haptom bee.” But as the video goes on, we understand she’s trying to threaten her sister that she won’t give her any of the napkins if she continues offering the money.

When the time came for Gee’s daughter to get some gas at the gas station she got out of the car, filled up the tank, and paid for it herself. Of course, she wasn’t ready for another money argument.

The video has been seen by more than 1.4 million people who agree how these two ladies are beyond sweet and hilarious. One person wrote, “One thing I admire about Ginga and that’s after watching all these videos, that she is a class act when it comes to handling money.. never wants free stuff and pays people right back in her own way. Respect!!”

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