5-year-old Girl Celebrates Last Day of Chemo with a Parade of 80 Cars

Send your best wishes to this brave little fighter! ❤️


Rosie Schutter isn’t your ordinary 5-year-old girl. She’s a warrior who battled a 5-pound tumor and ended up winner. Now her family is celebrating life and are over the moon to have their sweet daughter home again, healthy and happy.

However, it isn’t just the members of her household who are excited for Rosie to be out of the hospital, but the rest of her family members and friends as well. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing that is taking place all over the world, they weren’t able to visit her in her home. That’s why they came up with a super cool idea, to organize a car parade in front of her house.

Seeing all those people being there just for her made sweet Rosie excited. She felt like a princess and waved at them as she greeted each and every one of the family members and friends with a huge smile on her face.

“It’s been four or five days here where we’ve only been able to video chat. So even just getting my wife and Rosie back home today was super emotional, but just to see our friends and family come by and see her light up, so excited,” said Steve Schuter, Rosie’s father.

Rosie was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer that affects children some time ago, but had her surgery back in October 2019. Up until this day, she was receiving chemotherapy treatments, and this awesome car parade celebrated her last round of chemo.

All the signs and honks made this girl’s day even better. Steve said how she still has a couple more outpatient treatments, and this parade was the perfect thing to boost her spirit and remind her of how much she’s loved by everyone.

“She’s kind of become her old social self again. So something like this is just right up her alley. Just being able to see everybody and say hi and so I just absolutely love to see how happy it made her,” Steve added.

Take a look at the video of this special celebration below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.