Lonely Elderly Lady Sticks a Touching Note on Building’s Front Door Asking Neighbors to Help Her

Social distancing because of coronavirus pandemic affects us hard, especially the lonely, elderly citizens.


If you have a bigger family you live with under one roof maybe the social distancing we are forced to respect because of the coronavirus pandemic won’t fall hard on you. Sadly, there are people who live all alone and they find it hard to cope with the lockdowns and not being able to socialize with their family and friends. This is especially true for the elderly citizens, which can be seen from this story about a loving 72-year-old lady from London.

Source: Schriever Air Force Base

She has always been independent, but now, because of this social distancing thing, she needed the help from her neighbors and she wasn’t afraid to ask for it. Namely, she ran out of books and DVD’s and was getting quite bored without any so she stuck a note on the front door of the building where she resides.

The note, that later vent viral, said how she was spending her days “going round the twist” without any books to read. But will her neighbors be so kind as to answer to this lady’s recquest?

Source: Connie Bliff/Twitter

The answer will surprise you.

One of the neighbors, Connie Bliff, who took the photo of the note and later shared it online, rushed upstairs to grab some of her books and DVD’s she believed this lady would find enjoyable. But as she went to her front door, she saw many of the neighbors already offered their books as there was a pile there.

The elderly lady couldn’t believe how kind and generous her neighbors were, so she stuck another note thanking everyone for taking their time and thinking of her.

Source: Connie Bliff/Twitter

Maybe this doesn’t sound like much, but it’s obvious it meant the world to this lady.

After Connie shared both notes on Twitter, she didn’t expect so many people to see them and retweet them. Some of the comments said:

Source: Connie Bliff/Twitter

This story helped Connie raise awareness of the importance of helping the elderly during these tough times for the humanity. She asked from people to help their lonely neighbors as much as they can.

Don’t forget that even the smallest acts of kindness can truly go a long way.