Grandma and her daughter die in a house explosion one day after she warns: “My grandson will start my house on fire”

This is so sad. Rest in peace.


74-year-old woman named Theresa Toledo suffered horrific death after their house was set on fire.

The Omaha, Nebraska lady filed a protection order against her 27-year-old grandson asking from the police to remove him from her basement where he lived. She feared for her safety and for that of her daughter and her partner because her grandson, Alexander Toledo, was using drugs and hallucinogenic mushrooms thus behaved unreasonably. He even had a meth lab in the basement, playing with the installation.

“I need Alex out of my house now before he destroys my house or harms me, the drugs make him crazy, Theresa wrote.

“I told Alex that he needs help to get off the drugs and get a job. He has put holes in the basement walls where he stays and you can’t even walk in the basement. He had electronics in the walls and ceiling. I’m afraid he will start my house on fire.”

Sadly, both Theresa and her daughter, Alex’s mother, died in a house explosion just a day after her request was granted. The police ordered Alex to leave the basement, but it was way too late already.

Alex sustained severe injuries himself and is currently being treated at the burns unit in Kansas City, while late Theresa’s partner, Larry Rodriguez, remains in a critical condition.

Alexander Toledo is a man of trouble with a criminal past. Before the tragic incident in which his mother and grandmother lost their lives, he was charged with shoplifting and later spent seven days in jail on charges of drug abuse.

The authorities are yet to determine the exact cause of how the fire started.

Rest in peace Theresa and Angela.