Girl with Down Syndrome is mocked for eating 1st birthday cake, her dad can’t ignore the mean comments

This dad knew he needed to turn his aggression into an opportunity for positivity.


Every human being is special in their own right, and being different is what makes us unique. Sadly, not many people see beauty in those who do not fit the standards of what societies consider to be ‘normal.’

People who are born with an extra chromosome are known for radiating joy. Having Down Syndrome doesn’t prevent them from attending school, finding a job, getting married, and do everything other people do. The truth is, however, that not many people are able to understand this and they still see those with this syndrome as someone with a disability.

Scott Gavin, a father of six, has a beautiful daughter with Down Syndrome named Megan. This cutie pie brings immeasurable joy to her parents and siblings each and every day.

On the day of her first birthday, Megan was thrown a spectacular party with plenty of balloons and a cake. Gavin was eager to show his family and friends just how happy his girl was so he shared photos of the joyous occasion on the social media.

As he was looking forward to the best wishes, his heart broke down into a million pieces when he noticed a number of mean comments. There were people who called Megan names and mocked her for having Down Syndrome.

“My shock went straight to anger. Obviously, I wanted to go and find these people,” the father explained. But he then thought carefully about it and realized that he needed to turn his aggression into an opportunity for positivity. “So I’ve turned it into a positive thing and decided from now on I’m going to educate the uneducated.”

Instead of getting angry, he shared even more photos of Megan because he wanted to spread the message that people with Down Syndrome have lives as fulfilling as those of the rest of the people.

Messages of love and support came pouring in. “Beautiful people. I have a child of my own who has [Down Syndrome]. She has been a blessing and an inspiration. My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” one person wrote. “I am truly sorry that there are people in the world that are so cruel, and [I’m] so glad she has a wonderful father like you,” someone else added.

Gavin is a kind of person who wants to see everyone happy. When he won some money on a TV show, he invested it in creating a zoo with exotic animals. His company, Party Central Entertainments, uses the animals to connect with special needs people, lonely elderly citizens, and those jailed in prison. His girl also loves them and enjoys spending time with the beautiful creatures.

“I will never forget the moment an autistic boy broke his five-year silence when communicating with me about one of the skunks — his mum was so happy,” Gavin said.

This story truly serves as an inspiration that we should always embrace the differences with arms wide open.

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