Stranger asks mother to Take her ‘shrieking’ son out of restaurant until he quiets down

This had people's opinions divided.


That parents face plenty of hardships on their parenthood journey is a fact. Raising a child is not an easy task, yet many people sign up for the role of a parent.

Moms and dads do their best to teach their kids good behavior and how to act in public. But the harsh reality is that besides all the time and effort they put in the long and tiring talks, children will sometimes still do things their way, especially when they are young and don’t take their parents’ words seriously. 

A situation described by a Reddit user had people’s opinions divided, while some stood by her side, others called her inconsiderate after she asked a mother to either calm her child down at a restaurant or simply take him outside until he stops shrieking.

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The user explained how she and her boyfriend visited a nicer than a usual, run-of-the-mill restaurant and were trying to have dinner when the child started crying and shrieking.

“While me and my boyfriend were enjoying our meal, the youngest child began SHRIEKING, for a reason that I can’t fathom,” the woman explained in her Reddit post. “When I say shrieking I’m talking about the ear piercing type that is physically painful.”

Since she expected to have a nice evening, she simply couldn’t listen to the uncontrollable high pitch sound and decided to do something about it.

“I walked over to the family’s table, and asked if someone could take the child outside until it calms down, since people are trying to enjoy their food.”

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The child’s mother wasn’t happy about the woman’s reaction and told her to show more compassion.

“I responded by telling her that I’ve paid to enjoy my meal, and that if she isn’t going to get her child to be quiet, then she needs to do everyone in the restaurant a favor and take the child outside,” the Redditor wrote.

Eventually, the family left but not before giving the woman an evil look.

Later, she told her friends of what had happened and asked them whether she was right to ask from the mother to take her child outside. Her friends had divided opinions. One of them told her that she should have tried being “kinder and more considerate to the family, since being a parent is difficult.”

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Most of the Reddit users, however, supported the woman and wrote that she had all the right to ask from the mother to quiet down her screaming child.

“While being a parent IS difficult, there are still courtesies that need to be followed. Those courtesies include removing a child from a public place if they are not behaving, crying or screaming,” someone commented.

“Parents with shrieking children do not get to keep eating while their children shriek. They take turns eating and take the shrieking child outside until they calm down. It is unspeakably rude to allow your child to make a disturbance in a restaurant and to make no attempt to remove them to a location where they are not disturbing others,” another person added.

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