Garbage truck driver spots tiny dog in trash collection and saves her life

Had it not been for this man, the dog could have suffered a horrific death.


The morning of July 19 started just like any other for a garbage truck driver from Michigan. Little did he know, however, that the day would end up in the most unexpected manner and that he would be dubbed a hero by the members of his community.

Namely, as this Granger Waste Services’ employee was doing his job, he noticed something moving inside the trash collection. As he took a closer look, he spotted a terrified dog among the debris.

He took the fragile animal in his hands and saved her life. Had it not been for this man, the dog could have suffered a horrific death.

Facebook/Granger Waste Services

One thing that neither he, nor the organization that took the animal under their care could understand was how did the poor creature end up there. That particular route was for commercial-grade dumpsters, which meant the dog experienced quite an ordeal before being rescued.

Capital Area Humane Society shared the incredible rescue story on their Facebook page, writing: “It is almost unbelievable that she endured being transferred from a dumpster, into a garbage truck, and then, endured the journey and the unloading process.”

Currently, the Ingham County Animal Control is investigating the case. Luckily, the dog recovered from the injuries, but due to the ongoing investigation, she can’t be put up for adoption just yet.

We are so thankful to the driver who saved the dog and hope she will be able to find a loving family in the near future.