Freshly groomed dogs pose in their very own version of the nativity scene

Everyone is allowed to enjoy the festivities, including the animals.


All the decorations around us, the sparkling Christmas trees, people rushing to buy gifts for their loved ones, and the euphoria felt in every neighborhood announce the arrival of the so much-anticipated holidays.

However, the festivity is not the same without the beautiful nativity scenes that depict the birth of our Savior. They are pretty much everywhere, in every church and every house, but this year, a nativity scene like no other was set at the Wags To Riches, a grooming company in England.

And as you might be guessing, what makes this particular scene so unique is that the main characters are freshly groomed pups. To be honest, we think this is beyond adorable.

And now if you wonder how these lovely doggies managed to stay still during the photoshoot, here’s the answer. “It’s amazing what dogs will do for a biscuit,” the owner of Wags to Riches said. “They were all happy to sit for the photo.”

The dogs are all well-behaved and belong to the shop’s clients, except for the one in the manger, which is a figurine doll.

Once these photos went viral, Wags to Riches decided to do more photoshoots for different occasions, including New Year, Valentine’s, and the Royal Wedding.

Although we love all these photos so very much, we can all agree that none really beats the nativity scene. And yes, the audition for this year’s holidays is ongoing, and it looks just like on the photo below.

Everyone is allowed to enjoy the festivities, including the animals.