Former supermodel posts bikini photos at 57 years old and gets called desperate – her response shocks critics

At 57, former supermodel claps back at trolls calling her ‘old and ugly’ in daring bikini photos.


Aging is part of life, but not everyone accepts the fact that they are getting old and that their appearances changes. In order to stop this natural process, many people turn to plastic surgery.

Czech model Paulina Porizkova, who graced the runways for many years, is not one of them. This stunningly beautiful lady, who is now 57, gets candid about the process of getting older and says she stays away from injectables because she wants to embrace aging, and that “faces are for communicating.”


Speaking to People, Paulina said that at one point in her life she felt like “literally being an apple in a still life,” and that the point was to “look pretty.”

“You just kind of get polished, placed, be quiet, look pretty,” she recalled. “It was a little frustrating to me.”

Being part of the business since the age of just 13, Paulina said, “There’s all these other things I had wanted to do. I recognize that I was blessed to be put in this position and to have gotten so successful as I did. You don’t turn your nose up on that. That’s a gift.”


Speaking of the modeling industry, she believes that one thing that needs to change is ‘ageism.’ “I felt ashamed to be ageing, and then on the other hand you go: ‘But I’m smarter, I’m better, I’m funnier, I’m more patient!” she shared with People. “Overall as a person, I’m the best I’ve ever been.”

Besides her age, she still poses in bikinis and posts her photos on the social media. “I am a 57-year-old woman, and it seems to mean, in society, when you go into your middle age, you sort of lose your license to be able to show up in bikinis too.” And despite receiving some mean comments at times, such as: “a desperate grandma” or “too old to be doing this,” she believes she has the right to wear whatever she feels comfortable in.


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Getting old is certainly not a reason for her, or other people her age, to be dismissed. “You don’t get to dismiss me because I have some wrinkles and sags and grey hair now, when I’m kind of fabulous, the most fabulous I’ve ever been,” this beauty says. “In fact, I’m going to just put it out there and go, you know what, this is me at my best. Deal with it!”

Instead of turning to injectables and plastic surgery, she tries most noninvasive treatments she can find. In a conversation with WWD, she said, “I just want a little subtle help. I don’t want any drastic stuff. I don’t want to eliminate my age. I just want to look as good as I can given the limitations.”


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Paulina’s desire is to be “an unaltered older woman.”

“What I like about my face now at 57, it’s that it’s like a really good novel of the history of my life, like it’s all written into my face,” she says.

Paulina is an inspiration to many. She loves aging gracefully and she believes that’s something we should all accept.

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