Five-year-old boy calls 911 and asks for help to find his mom in heaven, the officer goes an extra mile to ease his pain

This officer will restore your faith in humanity!


Losing a parent means losing a part of you, especially when you are young and can’t understand why your mom or dad whom you love unconditionally are no longer around. The pain is enormous and seems like it won’t fade away no matter how much time passes by. Thankfully, during our heartbreak, we usually have kind people around us who help us overcome the grief eventually, if that’s even possible.

Kingston Technology is sharing a mini movie based on a true story that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Watched by over 7.4 million people, this video is tugging at heartstrings.

Little Jerry lost his mom and he’s now asking from the officer on the other side of the line to help him find her in Heaven. Officer Lee picks up the call, not aware of the words he is about to listen to.

But how do you tell a five-year-old that their mother will never come back and she will never sing to them again? You just don’t.

Officer Lee tells Jerry to get a red balloon and write a message to his mom on a piece of paper and then let it fly high to the sky and reach her. Jerry buys plenty of red balloons and writes many heartbreaking messages, but they don’t go to his mom. So he calls Lee again, and what the officer does next will leave you in tears. His kind deed changes Jerry’s days and helps him ease his pain.

The video is something worth watching and sharing with others. Take a look at it below.