Fellow officers of seriously injured trooper show up at his son’s baseball game to show their support

We wish Trooper Tovar a quick recovery.


A friend in need is a friend indeed, and Texas State Trooper Juan Rojas Tovar, who was severely injured during a mass shooting, is lucky to have such friends as his colleagues who showed their support in a very thoughtful way.

Trooper Tovar was hailed a hero by his Texas community after he bravely tried to stop a shooter who had started a fire at his workplace in Bryan, Texas, killing a co-worker and injuring five others.

As he did all in his power to apprehend the suspect, Tovar’s cruiser was critically wounded and shot 13 times, with a bullet hitting Tovar at least once.

According to the Texas Police Department, Tovar was rushed to the hospital where he underwent a surgery. Luckily, his condition was stable but he still needed a further treatment and was later transferred to another hospital.

As his family prayed for the best outcome, fellow troopers and members of the department decided to support their friend and co-worker by being there for his family. During Tovar’s son baseball game, they were there to cheer on him as his father was unable to attend the big game.

People at the field even spelled out “Pray for Tovar” using disposable plastic cups stuck in the chain-link fence at the field.

The sight was an incredible one because it showed the importance of the support the entire community showed for one of them during the hardest of times for the trooper’s family.

Source: Twitter

According to a Facebook post by the Texas Department of Public Safety, when Tovar arrived to Austin for further treatment, he was greeted by Class A-2021 Trooper Trainees who saluted him for his bravery and showed their support.

“Trooper Tovar continues his road to recovery, and we want to thank the community for their support,” the Department wrote.

The shooter who killed one and injured others, including Trooper Tovar, has been identified as 27-year-old Larry Winston Bollin. He has been arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder.

We wish Trooper Tovar a quick recovery and we thank everyone who was by his and his family’s side during their difficult times.

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